A consultant is a recognized authority or specialist in a specific field, engaged by the Institute in an advisory or consultative capacity. The functions of a consultant are results-oriented and normally involve analyzing problems, directing seminars, or training courses, preparing documents for conferences and meetings, or writing reports on matters within their area of expertise.

The Marco Polo Institute frequently engages experts under individual contracts to work on short-term projects either as a consultant, an individual contractor or on-prem with the Institute’s partners.

An individual contractor is engaged by the Institution to provide expertise, skills or knowledge for the performance of a specific task or piece of work, which would be short to mid-term by nature. The assignment may involve full-time or part-time functions similar to those of staff members.

How do I apply?

Experts with relevant experience who are available for short-term assignments are invited to provide their personal history profile (PHP) at, so that you are available for consideration when opportunities arise. Please update your PHP regularly because candidates that have not updated their profiles for over three years are less likely to be contacted.

Where are the assignments?

The location of assignments may be at various regional, country or project offices around the CEE region and North Africa.